The Drum

Welcome To My DRUM STUDIO!
If you are looking for drum lessons in Kelowna, look no further!

The Drum Studio offers lessons on snare drum, drum set and percussion in many musical and drumming styles. You will find the DRUM STUDIO conveniently located in Kelowna, BC in the Glenmore area (near the Kelowna Golf & Country Club).

Whether you are a—

- beginner drummer
- school band percussionist
- older adult drummer
- house of worship drummer

—the DRUM STUDIO is the best environment to learn or upgrade the necessary understanding, concepts, and skills in becoming a confident drummer, percussionist and musician.

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The DRUM STUDIO curriculum offers a diverse program focusing on four main areas of study:

Fully Equipped Drum Studio

Lonnie’s Drum Studio offers two fully- equipped rooms with the following features:
Orchestral Room including:
3 concert snare drums,
bass drum
Orchestral bells & Pearl
EM-1 mallet station
Multiple crash cymbals &
suspended cymbals
triangles, castanets, tambourines
conga & timbale drums
cowbells, maracas, shakers, blocks
and more!!
Drum Set Room including:
3 drum sets including a Jazz, Rock & Fusion kits
drum kits include blocks, bells, tambourin, timbale
marching band rig with toms, snare drum, crash cymbals
Both rooms include music playback, musical notation via TV chrome cast, metronomes, loops, and a Zoom Q8 video recorder. 

A “silent” drum kit featuring a set of Remo Silent Stroke heads and Sabian Quiet-Tone Cymbal package. Come early to class to warm-up your chops—but don’t tell your Mom & Dad as they will want the rig!!

These features provide you with most efficient and fun manner of learning to play all the drums and percussion!
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Silent Drum Kit